Delicious and Easy Mexican Food Dishes

Due to its strong flavours and vivid ingredients Mexican cuisine has long been a staple of Americans. Beans, onions, chilies and corn are a staple in simple Mexican food dishes, together with spices that taste distinctly Mexican like cumin, chili powder, and saffron for most. Sour cream is often used as a topping to relieve chillies and jalapenos heat.

Mexican Appetizers

Guacamole is traditionally Aztec and is produced by literally mashing an avocado with a mortar and pestle, then incorporating tomatoes and salt. Guacamole is savory with its high proportion of vitamin and fat. Guacamole is also used as a substitute for crackers, salsa, and strong breads.

Mexican Pizza has no flour basis like the pie that the rest of the world is acquainted with; rather, tortillas are fried and filled with various ingredients including beef, cheddar, onions and tomatoes. Of definition clogged with sour cream!

Fast Quesadillas includes big flour tortillas, frying them just a little by putting them over medium heat on a griddle. Bell peppers, shredded cheese, tomatoes, shredded beef or chicken and cumin and chili powder from Mexico’s popular spices finish it off.

Mexican Entrees Carne Asada is one of Mexico’s easy food recipes with steak included. Along with peppers and onions, the meat should be cut into half-inch strips. Continue to cook the meat and peppers and onions until the vegetables are sluggish and translucent. Place this mixture inside the tacos, serve as a side dish or use it for a quick and easy lunch.

Arroz Con Pollo includes chicken as one of its key ingredients in this, another simple Mexican meal. Specific foods contain Spanish cabbage, olive oil, bell pepper, Spanish rice, chicken broth, tomatoes, peppers, and saffron. Sauté the chicken first with olive oil and salt and pepper, then add saffron, rice and broth for 30 minutes or so to cook gradually over low heat. Last include peas and pimentos.

Mexican Sides Corn Tamales is one of Mexico’s best food meals, and is suitable for lunch or dinner. You’ll need true corn husks, corn starch, shortening, butter, broth and natural white cheese to produce it the old school way. String is required at the end to tie up the tamales. The husks of corn must be washed, and dry. All the remaining ingredients are applied to a food processor, then scooped onto the tamales and bound with a loop. Heat in a dutch oven for one hour, and voila, lovely and tasty corn tamales.